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Independence Day Lunch

Saturday July 1st 2017

A small band of members arrived at Joe and Beverley’s holiday home for this year’s Independence Day lunch. The weather was a perfect winter’s day to celebrate. The area was decked out in American flags, pictures and other red, white and blue items.

We started with pumpkin soup which is always a favourite. On the table were lollies in glasses, blue coconut ruff balls, white milk bottles and red raspberries which disappeared quite quickly. Hamburgers, sausages and corn fritters together with salads were next. By then everyone was full so dessert was left for a couple of hours.

After a lot of chit chat a laptop was brought out and Mike showed us all his Streamliner run at this year’s Salt Races that were held earlier this year.

Now it was time for dessert which was brownies made by Ann with cream and ice cream which really filled us all up.

Soon the weather was cooling down and getting towards evening so most left to return home while four of us stayed over until the next day.

Joe and Beverley have enjoyed organising the lunch for the past 3 years and welcoming members into their holiday home. They have decided it is time for a change to this event and maybe in the future do it again.

Thanks to Joe and Beverley for organising this event from everyone.

The Old Car Day or Drive It Day on the 1st September was quite a grand affair all over South Australia.

I believe there were many runs organised by historic car clubs and individuals all over.

We attended the run to Bethany which was organised by the Gawler Club and we had a lovely time. I would say there were about 200 vehicles of various breeds in attendance and our club was represented by Ian and Carol, Alan and Colleen, Don and Colleen, Rob Denholm and Gary Hallett. On display and giving rides was a replica of a 1896 Ford Quadricycle and a very exact replica it was.

A large group of members met in the Tea Tree Gully Hotel Car Park and travelled a short distance to the home of Dale & Kylie where the guys visited Dale’s sheds whilst the ladies had a cup of tea or coffee and a cake or biscuit or two. Dale has many early Falcons in various stages of repairs.

From there we left and travelled to Simon & Jacqui’s home for a leisurely afternoon and BBQ lunch. Here there was a Model A, a 47 Ford Deluxe, a Ford Prefect (the Harry Potter kind) and a 1935 Ford well under restoration.

After lunch it was time to relax and enjoy the afternoon despite it being a bit cold but at least it didn’t rain.

The dog was present to give some exercise to those who wanted to throw the ball to her.

This run also was the first club run for the roadster.

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