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2nd Coast to Coast

After the fine weather of the previous week Saturday of the last weekend in May had turned completely around and dawned cold and wet.

According to our weather experts this was to continue into Sunday and it did but I believe we and the organisers – Morris Register – fared reasonably well considering.

Should I clean the ’39 Mercury or to hell with cleaning it’s going to rain anyway? Feeling sorry for it I weakened and cleaned it.

Sunday arrived with light drizzle down the Port River Expressway and a heavy shower prior to the start at Hart’s Mill but except for a shower at the finish at Wigley Reserve all was well.

The route was Port Road, James Congdon Drive and Anzac Highway which I thought was quite good. A diverse array of vehicles assembled at Wigley Reserve and this is in my view the interesting part of these invitation events.

As usual these days there were more 1930s and onwards vehicles than Veteran and Vintage, the weather may have frightened the early ones away, but still a great variance of cars to inspect and acquaintances to catch up with.

I am a great supported of events that pander to the earlier makes as we need to try and keep the interest in these older vehicles.

As the historical vehicle moves into the 1980s and soon the 1990s some of these vehicles are younger than our children.

Having made the comment to a well known vintage car owner recently he suggested those vehicles were younger than his grandchildren.

However we do need to prove there were cars before World War Two.

Thank you Morris Register and let’s do it again next year.

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