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2016 Echuca Nationals

On the 14th April 2016 we went to Echuca. We took a 1947 Ford sedan Super DeLuxe. We met near a person called Gary’s house. Our nanna and poppy took their 1939 Mercury. The next stop after Gary’s house was Tailem Bend. On the way there we saw train tracks, trees, bushes, cars and towns. We were staying in Swan Hill overnight. It was a tiring drive there. We stayed in Cabin 19 and I slept in a double bed.

We went to a person’s house for tea. His name was Peter Ninnis. He had a 1949 woodie. Jenson my annoying brother spewed next to two budgies. It went everywhere! I got to wear my dad’s jacket because I gave mine to Jenson because his was dirty. When we got back to the cabin, we went to bed.

The next day we went to Echuca. In the morning daddy was getting the car ready. We saw the same things on the way.

When we got to Echuca we had McDonalds for lunch, then we went to the cabin. We saw some Kookaburras. I called one of them Cook. He or she was very friendly and like kabana. Cook is brown and white with a bit of blue. Cook has friends. There are a lot of birds like magpies, small little birds and colourful birds. Cook likes to sit on trees, grass, chairs and umbrellas.

In front of the cabins there is a tennis court and a playground. My annoying brother Jenson annoys me when I am playing tennis.

We went to a school to get dad’s rally pack and we had pizza for tea.

The next day was Saturday. We got up really early so Dad could get the 47 to the school for judging. Mum took me and my brothers to McDonalds for breakfast. We came back and looked at the cars and played on the playground.

When Dad had finished judging my mum and nanna went on a paddle steamer. When mum got back we went to the cabin.

The next day was the best day. It was Sunday 17th April 2016. There was a mystery run.

We had breakfast and met at the school oval. We drove to a place called Lockington. We had a look at things from the past like tractors, things you would find on a farm and even a tram. We had sandwiches at Lockington, then we went to Echuca to look in an Op shop. My mummy bought an old dress and Marcos, Jenson and I got some cards.

After the Op shop we went back to the cabin to get ready for the Presentation Dinner. At the Presentation Dinner my Dad got 2 trophies, one was for judging and one was for our car. Then we went back to the cabin.

The next morning we went back to the restaurant where the dinner was, for breakfast. After we ate we had a look at a 1936 chassis, it had an engine and wheels.

Then we went to the Port of Echuca. A man gave a talk about Echuca and my brothers and I had spot sheets. We had to find Stretch the cat, a boiler, a wool bale, rail gauges, river measurements and a kerosene lantern. My brothers and I got a prize which was a lolly pop for doing the spot sheet.

Then my Daddy, Mummy, my brothers and I went to a Holden Museum.

The next day we went to Rochester. We all met up at the Port of Echuca. When we left we were behind Alan and Colleen in their 1939 Ford DeLuxe. A bit down the road we wound up behind Ian and Carol’s 1935 Ford Phaeton. There was lots of interesting things on the way. Then we got to Rochester. The house we went to had a cat called Dennis. He was a nice cat. We had Morning Tea there.

Then we left Rochester and made our way to a place called Toolleen. We were behind Bev and Joe in the V-8 Pilot.

At Toolleen we had sandwiches, party pies and spring rolls for lunch.

After lunch we went outside and found the playground. There were trampolines and climbing things and they even had a dinosaur!

Then we made our way home, it was a very nice drive. There was a big bend and it was very steep. Looking out the back window I can see the car I want when I grow up, Mark & Margy’s 1947 Ford Coupe.

The next morning it was time to go home. We packed our things and made our way back to Adelaide.

Casey Tonkin aged 8


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