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Annual Run Report

We met at Carisbrook Park early Friday morning which was cool but dry.

Grant and Rosie handed out run bags which contained a pen and writing pads, a stubby holder and information on the weekend ahead.

Around 9.45 we all left here heading for Jamestown and a great weekend. Grant had his car back on the road newly painted and looking good and was being driven by his brother as he had his van with all the items for the weekend. Unfortunately the coupe didn’t get too far when the water pump pulley fell apart. Several members stayed and helped fix the problem while the others went on ahead. We found out later this took awhile as Grant had every tool but the one he wanted and had to go and purchase one in Gawler – twice as he bought the wrong one the first time he went.

The rest of us travelled on to Clare for a late morning tea or early lunch when Neville and Maureen got a flat tyre but this was easily changed and later fixed in Jamestown.

From Clare it was a good run to Jamestown where we all settled in either in the caravan park or the local hotel.

Around 3 pm the guys went off to see a couple of sheds and the girls set off to see a pressed glass museum which was very colourful and very interesting.

Later the BBQ got going and it was hamburgers and sausages for dinner. Grant had a lucky draw going with Graham Wight and Simon winning the first lot of prizes.

After a cold night it was time for bacon and eggs, tea and coffee for breakfast and some more lucky draw prizes and the start of the poker run game. Then it was off to Peterborough for a visit to the local motorbike museum then lunch.

Around 3 pm we did a guided tour of Steamtown which was very interesting and most purchased items like hats, dvds, umbrellas, model trains etc afterwards.

Some headed back to Jamestown while others stayed for dinner in a lovely café attached to the hotel before heading off to the Sound and Light Show back at Steamtown. This was very interesting and informative held in a lovely warm carriage for about an hour and a half. Then it was home to Jamestown in the light of a full moon.

Sunday morning after breakfast it was off to the Jamestown Oval for a Show and Shine together with the locals of Jamestown.

Grant had earlier arranged with member David Hunt to organise this and a very big selection of vehicles were on show for the day. Some of the ladies went and visited the local craft exhibition and craft shop others walked around the main street purchasing materials and wool from shops.

Lunch was a sausage sizzle with the club BBQ which went down well with everyone. It was perfect weather to just sit around and chat or look at the cars around the oval. Grant did some more lucky draws and more of the poker run game. Before long it was time to go back and get ready for the presentation dinner and get our hats in order as this was the theme of the night. The winners were Gail Wakefield for the Ladies and Wayne Boulton for the Men’s and both were popular choices.

The winner of the poker run game was Colleen with 4 of a kind.

Monday morning was breakfast and packing for home with everyone going their own separate ways.

Many thanks must go to Grant and Rosie for organising this year’s Annual Run and to David Hunt for organising the Sunday Show and Shine.

It was great to see David’s mum Ann at the Show and Shine as well as the Dinner that night.

Those who went were:-

Grant & Rosie, Russell & Al, Mark & Margy, Alan and Colleen, Simon, Jacqui, Marcos, Casey & Jenson, Glenn & Sharon & Ashlee, Peter & Sue, Ian & Carol, Gary & Annie, Chris & Gail & Denise, Wayne & Rene, Peter & Dawn, Geoff & Jeanne, Kevin & Jewel, Neville & Maureen, Graham and Shirley.

Wayne and Gail Winners of the Best Hat Theme

Sunday’s Show and Shine

Group Photo

Group Photo

After the 2014 4th July Dinner, it was talked about that it was getting too crowded at places where members couldn’t chat because of the noise so it was put to the members for something different. Joe and Bev Tripodi did just that.

With, of course, an American theme including the American flag and South Australian flag at their holiday home at Encounter Bay members were welcomed to lunch. With pumpkin soup (which boiled over through lack of attention) and scraped off the floor (just kidding by Bev), hamburgers, hot dogs, authentic brownies with strawberries and ice cream everyone was well catered for. The pop corn never got a look in as everyone was full.

Those who attended were Wayne & Rene Boulton, Alan & Colleen McDonald, Mike & Anne Davidson, Eric Smith, Grant Stuart and Rosie, Brian Thebus and Jo, Geoff and Jeanne Boundy and Graham and myself.

Mike nearly stole the show as he rocked up with brownies baked by him with mixture which is made by Ghirardelli, San Francisco Chocolate Company. He started handing them round before lunch. Unaware by both Mike and Bev, Bev had done the same (with the same mixture) which was to be dessert. That set off the competition as to who had baked the best brownies. Needlessly to say everyone liked both lots.

After lunch everyone had been asked to wear something American and relate a story. This resulted in plenty of laughs. Bev and Joe had decked their home with memorabilia from the US trip that a lot of past and present members had done in 1993 and most of us looked through their albums of photos from that trip.

Although the week prior had been cold and cloudy Saturday brought out the sun and a pleasant afternoon was had by all.

Before some left for home a group photo was taken and those remaining had leftovers for tea. A relaxing evening was spent with nibbles and drinks, pleasant conversation and plenty of laughs.

Next morning those of us who had stayed overnight headed for home and all agreed it had been a great success as it was something different. This was really something different and a real novelty.

Thanks so much to Joe & Bev and we are hoping for another July 4.

Twilight Run to St Kilda and BBQ

We met at the Bolivar service station at 3.30 pm ready to leave at 4.00 pm. We were joined by Alan & Colleen McDonald, Brian Thebus and Jo, Geoff & Jeanne Boundy, Graham & Val Wight, Ian & Carol Bay, Gary & Anne Fatchen, new member Goran Pazeski-Nikoloski and his family, Chris & Gail Wakefield, Jim & Judith Craig, Russell Parker, Neville & Maureen Hawke, Simon and Jacqui Tonkin with family, Grant Stuart and Peter Chaplin.

We travelled up Port Wakefield Road to the St Kilda Road turn off and proceeded to the Tramway Museum where we were able to park inside near the trams. After settling in we were all off on the first tram (the Restaurant Car). Once we had returned it was then a tour of the workshops and another ride on a tram. Some parked their cars next to the trams to get some good photos then the club put on a BBQ which went down very well with all.

Approx 7.15 pm we did a twilight run on a third tram for us to see the city lights and former salt lakes. All in all it was a great afternoon and evening run.

The club gave a donation to the museum to help further their great work with the trams. 

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