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2nd Coast to Coast

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 1:40 AM

After the fine weather of the previous week Saturday of the last weekend in May had turned completely around and dawned cold and wet.

According to our weather experts this was to continue into Sunday and it did but I believe we and the organisers – Morris Register – fared reasonably well considering.

Should I clean the ’39 Mercury or to hell with cleaning it’s going to rain anyway? Feeling sorry for it I weakened and cleaned it.

Sunday arrived with light drizzle down the Port River Expressway and a heavy shower prior to the start at Hart’s Mill but except for a shower at the finish at Wigley Reserve all was well.

The route was Port Road, James Congdon Drive and Anzac Highway which I thought was quite good. A diverse array of vehicles assembled at Wigley Reserve and this is in my view the interesting part of these invitation events.

As usual these days there were more 1930s and onwards vehicles than Veteran and Vintage, the weather may have frightened the early ones away, but still a great variance of cars to inspect and acquaintances to catch up with.

I am a great supported of events that pander to the earlier makes as we need to try and keep the interest in these older vehicles.

As the historical vehicle moves into the 1980s and soon the 1990s some of these vehicles are younger than our children.

Having made the comment to a well known vintage car owner recently he suggested those vehicles were younger than his grandchildren.

However we do need to prove there were cars before World War Two.

Thank you Morris Register and let’s do it again next year.

Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 2:40 AM

Sunday March 19th 2017

The Early Ford V-8 Club attended the Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering as a club run for the second time and it turned out to be a great experience.

This event was designed some years ago by The Vintage Sports Car Club for the purpose of promoting and show casing the vehicles of the Veteran up to 1918 and Vintage 1919 to 1930 era.

As not to discriminate, vehicles from 1930 onwards are welcome and add to the spectacle.

South Australia had the most diverse vehicle makes and more vehicles per head than other states and this is evident at this event.

Names such as Di Dion, Gregiore, Theopile Schneider, Brush, Marquette, Standard, Le Zebre and Packard plus many more were on display.

The Early Ford V-8 Club’s day started with breakfast at Café de Vilis then driving around to the West Parklands and displaying the V-8s with other various, interesting makes and models.

Shirley and I missed breakfast as I was on marshalling duties and Shirley was on the Public Address System all day.

This display day is increasing in size every year and I can recommend it.

It is not often these days to see a motor display that encompasses such a wide range of years.

This year vehicles from 1904 to almost the current up market models were displayed.

I would encourage all to make a day of it next year which will be Sunday March 18th 2018.

2016 Annual Run

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 6:45 AM

We met at the usual place for travelling north, the Caltex servo at Bolivar.

Weatherwise it was a rather threatening morning as 14.Ford V-8s and some moderns left for Moonta Bay. Our tour organisers Glenn and Sharon had mapped a direct route to Moonta Bay except for a detour through Virginia to show our cars off to an unknown enthusiast but all we saw was a windblown NBN worker giving us a half hearted wave.

Back on the Highway the heavens opened and down it came, rain, rain, rain, and more rain. We seemed to be travelling the same way as the offending black cloud was, but on arrival at Port Wakefield, it was like we had travelled into another season the weather was fine and quite warm.

On to Moonta Bay and a tour of the Moonta Bay Car Park and then on to the Caravan Park.

The rest of the day was spent in various ways, walks in the immediate area, fellowship and chatter and a few drinks on the side. As the weekend was of “do your own thing” affair some went to the Camp Kitchen for a BBQ dinner while others stayed or shared cabins with others.

Saturday was a lovely bright day so most took to the main street and surrounds of Moonta. Plenty of coffee shops, a wonderful second-hand shop and we agreed what a lovely quiet layback town it was. Having been there many times before with historic cars on the occasion of the Kernewek Lowender and the place was a buzz and one couldn’t move in the main street.

The afternoon found us at the old mines site. A number of us rode the tourist train gaining knowledge of Moonta and the mines through a colourful locomotive driver and interpretive guide. A point of interest was that the tourist train is actually the old Adelaide Zoo train that we rode around the Zoo on as kids before Occ Health and Safety and the fun police put a stop to that enjoyable pastime.

We then inspected the Museum which is situated in the old Moonta School, a most substantial building with grand displays of mining days and life gone by in Moonta.

As we left the Museum and Mines precinct we encountered Kevin and Jan and their magnificent 1934 Ford V-8 sedan. It was so good to catch up with Kevin and Jan as we had not done so for a good while. Some light hearted conversation and vehicle inspections followed and we were glad to hear that they were to come with us for the evening meal.


The evening meal was a very nice affair at The Patio and Jeanne celebrated her birthday with a cake.

Sunday was go home time and we had been invited to Kevin and Jan’s place for a shed inspection. What a great morning that was with a lovely display of Ford V-8s out front and a look at Kevin’s Model T Ford and photographs and an explanation by Kevin of the Custom 1940 Ford V-8 Sports car that he had built back in the 50s.

This was a most interesting piece of work and something that I doubt would be attempted by anyone in the backyard today.

We finally departed, fuelled up and had a nice but uneventful trip home.


Thanks to Glenn and Sharon for the weekend and thanks to all for your good company.


Those who attended were:-

Graham and Shirley1939 Mercury
Alan and Colleen1939 Ford Sedan
Frank and Val1957 Ford Customline
Wayne and Rene1953 Ford Customline
Gary and Anne1952 Crestline Victoria
Graham and Val1948 Ford Sedan
Ian and Carol1935 Ford Phaeton
Geoff and Jeanne1935 Ford Sedan
Steve and Deb1937 Ford Coupe
Peter and Sue1954 Ford Customline
Brian and Jo1952 Ford Mainline Ute
Trevor1937 Ford Sedan
Simon Jacqui Marcos Casey Jenson1947 Ford Sedan
Grant and RosieModern
Will and JudyModern
Joe and BeverleyModern
Glenn Sharon AshleeAn enormous Galaxie Station Wagon


Drive It Day

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 6:25 AM

The first of September being the first day of Spring was the “Drive It Day” or “Old Car Day” call it what you like as promoted by the Federation. This is the day to showcase historic vehicles by driving somewhere with it, to work, a casual drive around, go shopping in it, have an event or park it out the front of your house. We opted for an event organised by the Gawler Club which turned out to be a great day. Two meeting places were offered, one at Fremont Park in Elizabeth and one at Princes Park in Gawler. We went to Gawler and soon many arrived including Geoff and Jeanne. We motored off to morning tea at the Lyndoch Bakery where all the Fremont Park starters arrived. After pleasant car talk with others we motored off to Bethany parking around the green and amongst the trees.

Here we encountered Don and Colleen and during our walking around and chatting with many friendly faces including Gary, Ian and Carol arrived in the ’35 Phaeton. We set up tables and chairs and enjoyed lunch whilst admiring the many, many different makes and models we do not see in a one make club. Some beautiful vehicles from Veterans to very late model were observed. This event was really well done and well attended. It was so great to see so many different vehicles and so many enthusiastic people, and also a lovely Spring day in the Barossa. What more could the old car buff want?


Independence Day Run

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 6:25 AM

Saturday 2nd July to celebrate Independence Day July 4, saw us once again travelling to Encounter Bay for lunch at Joe and Beverley’s holiday home. Last year was the first time this was held and as many enjoyed the day it was decided to do it again for this year.

On the menu was delicious Pumpkin soup, hamburgers which were overflowing and brownie cake for dessert.

Beverley had once again decorated the lunch area with USA pictures and flags amongst other things and although the weather wasn’t as warm as last year it did not dampen the day. Most of us arrived around 11.30 and settled in with nibbles and drinks and plenty of chit chat. By 12.30 most had arrived so soup was served with some returning for seconds. Recent members Rod Lovell & Paquita Scott arrived just after 1.00 and were welcomed as this was the first time they had met members of the club.

Hamburgers followed the soup, which were full to the brim with salad, onions, egg and hamburger.

Much much later came cake and brownies baked by Deb and Mike which really filled us up for the rest of the day.

By 5 pm most had returned home with Ian and Carol staying on for a couple of hours and Alan and Colleen and Graham and myself staying the night before returning home mid morning the next day.

Once again a lovely way to spend the 4th of July celebrations.

Thank you to Beverley and Joe for putting on the lunch and a thank you to the many helpers serving and washing up.

Coast to Coast Heritage Motoring Tour

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 6:20 AM

The inaugural Coast to Coast Heritage Motoring Tour was held on May 22nd.

Starting at the original Bay to Birdwood Start venue, Wigley Reserve, about 80 cars assembled which was a little less in number than we thought would be there.

However the weather was fairly threatening so this may have deterred some. There were quite a number of English vehicles, some American, Scottish and Italian but mainly 1950s which I thought was a little disappointing but again the weather may have deterred the early ones.

The route was coastal to Semaphore then over the waterways of Port River and West Lakes to Port Adelaide and the ground of the Aviation Museum.

There was not a lot to do here if one had visited the Aviation Museum recently as we had but there was a shuttle bus to the City of Adelaide Clipper vessel with discounted entry fee.

Also the National Railway Museum was next door but much time was spent chatting with others.

The big problem was that the rains came and really dampened proceedings and a lot left early.

All in all an interesting run and as it was the first of what is to become an annual event maybe a few small improvements could be made.

The intention of the organizers is to run Glenelg to Port one year and in reverse, Port to Glenelg the next and so on.

One definite is that the event does need more vehicles but as already said his was the first it can only improve.

For the $10 entry fee we got access to the run, a sausage sizzle each, a soft drink each, a programme and $5 discount at the City of Adelaide Clipper vessel.


2016 Echuca Nationals

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 6:35 AM

Most of us met at Verdun and left just after 8 am heading to Tailem Bend. After a fuel and comfort stop the Saints and Rob Denholm (with Peter Chaplin) joined us and we all headed towards Pinnaroo for Morning Tea. However after a slight hiccup with the McDonald’s car (spark plug issue) a slightly bigger problem with fuel problems with the Tripodi’s car. Alan and Colleen and Mark and Margy stayed with Bev and Joe while the rest travelled on to Ouyen for a running board lunch break.

Then it was on to Swan Hill with some stopping at a local winery while others checked in at the motel and relaxed with a Happy Hour. Around 7 pm it was off to Peter & Lynda Ninnis’ home for a lovely BBQ tea where the Boundys and Paisleys followed by the Tripodis, Seidels and McDonalds all arrived safe and well. Peter & Lynda was thanked and Lynda was presented with a gift then it was time to go back to the motel for the night.

After a good night’s sleep and a relaxing breakfast where decisions were made to travel on to Echuca, it was off to Echuca around 10 am. Some stopped and visited the Lake Boga Museum and the rest headed off for lunch and shopping in Echuca.

Around 2 pm it was off to Moama to check in, unpack and time to relax and enjoy the surrounding. What a lovely place to stay. The units were great, a private river front faced all the units, a family of kookaburras entertained us, also magpies, possums and ducks – what more could you ask for. A big thank you to Deb and Steve for organising this venue.

Then it was time to go to the Registration venue (Echuca Primary School) where we caught up with other entrants and Joe and Neva from Canada and Bob & Margaret Woodford from New Zealand. A lovely rally bag was given out to everyone and the Ladies Bag was well received by all. Back to the motel where some stayed home and had pizzas for tea while the rest headed to the Moama Bowling Club for the evening.

Saturday was time for judging and the Show and Shine. There were 18 cars for Concours and only 16 judges. Over breakfast it was decided to split into 2 groups and cover the judging that way. It worked well and we were done by 11.30.

The Ladies lunch on a paddle steamer went in 2 groups on two paddle steamers. I went with Margy, Jacqui, Gail and Judy on the second group on the PS Canberra and it was a lovely 2 hour trip with sandwiches and scones for lunch. Some of the others went on the first paddle steamer where Jeanne won a voucher.

By the time we arrived back to the cars half had left so we travelled back to the unit getting petrol on the way. Most of us went to the Moama RSL Club for tea that night.

Sunday it was back to the Primary School for a group gathering before heading off to Lockington for the lunch stop where we were entertained by a 3 piece group called The Healers – they made you feel better - who were very, very good. It was hard not to want to dance.

Here was a museum of many things and was interesting to all. After a delicious lunch of soup, sandwiches and cake it was time to travel back to Echuca and get ready for the Presentation Dinner at Radcliffe’s Restaurant. This was a lovely venue for a dinner which originally was a Holden workshop. Tables had been pre-booked by everyone, which was a good idea and worked well.

After a few problems with the PA, which unfortunately continued sometimes during the evening, meals were served, speeches made and presentation of awards given out.

The Presidents from Queensland and New South Wales gave a short speech then it was the SA President Graham’s turn and to announce the dates and venue for the 2018 event which was approved by most.

It will be 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of May 2018 in the Riverland town of Renmark.

Monday was back to the restaurant for the Farewell Breakfast. Those who remained in Echuca for the extra days took advantage of a tour of the Port of Echuca, the local Holden Museum and checking the shops of Echuca for souvenirs and other shopping. That night everyone did their own thing for tea.

Tuesday was a drive to Rochester for Morning Tea and a look at Alan’s Lincoln Lodge, then a further drive to Toolleen for lunch in the Ancient Tin Shed. The drive home to Echuca went via Chinaman’s Bend. That night some of us went to a Thai restaurant others did their own thing.

Wednesday was packing up and on our way home. After a couple of minor hiccups with coils on a couple of cars we travelled to Murrayville and stayed the night there. The rooms were small but cosy and the evening meal went down well. After chit chat and relaxation it was time for bed.

Thursday saw us all leave early and travelled without incident to Tailem Bend where we said goodbyes and all went our separate ways home.

Those that travelled to the Nationals were:-

Alan & Colleen McDonald, Grant & Rosie Stuart, Chris & Gail Wakefield, Wayne & Rene Boulton, Ian & Carol Bay, Gary & Anne Fatchen, Mark & Margy Seidel, Steve & Deb Harris, Peter & Sue Kelly, Joe & Bev Tripodi, Peter & Corrine Saint, Rob Denholm with Peter Chaplin, Peter & Dawn Honson, Geoff & Jeanne Boundy, Simon & Jacqui Tonkin with the boys, Brian Thebus & Jo, Will & Judy Paisley, Graham & Val Wight and Graham and myself.


Quite a few photos have been taken at the Nationals.

You can visit:



2016 Echuca Nationals

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 6:30 AM

On the 14th April 2016 we went to Echuca. We took a 1947 Ford sedan Super DeLuxe. We met near a person called Gary’s house. Our nanna and poppy took their 1939 Mercury. The next stop after Gary’s house was Tailem Bend. On the way there we saw train tracks, trees, bushes, cars and towns. We were staying in Swan Hill overnight. It was a tiring drive there. We stayed in Cabin 19 and I slept in a double bed.

We went to a person’s house for tea. His name was Peter Ninnis. He had a 1949 woodie. Jenson my annoying brother spewed next to two budgies. It went everywhere! I got to wear my dad’s jacket because I gave mine to Jenson because his was dirty. When we got back to the cabin, we went to bed.

The next day we went to Echuca. In the morning daddy was getting the car ready. We saw the same things on the way.

When we got to Echuca we had McDonalds for lunch, then we went to the cabin. We saw some Kookaburras. I called one of them Cook. He or she was very friendly and like kabana. Cook is brown and white with a bit of blue. Cook has friends. There are a lot of birds like magpies, small little birds and colourful birds. Cook likes to sit on trees, grass, chairs and umbrellas.

In front of the cabins there is a tennis court and a playground. My annoying brother Jenson annoys me when I am playing tennis.

We went to a school to get dad’s rally pack and we had pizza for tea.

The next day was Saturday. We got up really early so Dad could get the 47 to the school for judging. Mum took me and my brothers to McDonalds for breakfast. We came back and looked at the cars and played on the playground.

When Dad had finished judging my mum and nanna went on a paddle steamer. When mum got back we went to the cabin.

The next day was the best day. It was Sunday 17th April 2016. There was a mystery run.

We had breakfast and met at the school oval. We drove to a place called Lockington. We had a look at things from the past like tractors, things you would find on a farm and even a tram. We had sandwiches at Lockington, then we went to Echuca to look in an Op shop. My mummy bought an old dress and Marcos, Jenson and I got some cards.

After the Op shop we went back to the cabin to get ready for the Presentation Dinner. At the Presentation Dinner my Dad got 2 trophies, one was for judging and one was for our car. Then we went back to the cabin.

The next morning we went back to the restaurant where the dinner was, for breakfast. After we ate we had a look at a 1936 chassis, it had an engine and wheels.

Then we went to the Port of Echuca. A man gave a talk about Echuca and my brothers and I had spot sheets. We had to find Stretch the cat, a boiler, a wool bale, rail gauges, river measurements and a kerosene lantern. My brothers and I got a prize which was a lolly pop for doing the spot sheet.

Then my Daddy, Mummy, my brothers and I went to a Holden Museum.

The next day we went to Rochester. We all met up at the Port of Echuca. When we left we were behind Alan and Colleen in their 1939 Ford DeLuxe. A bit down the road we wound up behind Ian and Carol’s 1935 Ford Phaeton. There was lots of interesting things on the way. Then we got to Rochester. The house we went to had a cat called Dennis. He was a nice cat. We had Morning Tea there.

Then we left Rochester and made our way to a place called Toolleen. We were behind Bev and Joe in the V-8 Pilot.

At Toolleen we had sandwiches, party pies and spring rolls for lunch.

After lunch we went outside and found the playground. There were trampolines and climbing things and they even had a dinosaur!

Then we made our way home, it was a very nice drive. There was a big bend and it was very steep. Looking out the back window I can see the car I want when I grow up, Mark & Margy’s 1947 Ford Coupe.

The next morning it was time to go home. We packed our things and made our way back to Adelaide.

Casey Tonkin aged 8


Historic Vintage Gathering March

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 6:30 AM

The historic vehicle gathering held in the parklands was a very interesting day. A small group of V-8ers met at Vilis for breakfast and then drove around to the venue and parked with a multitude of makes and models too numerous to mention. As the Bay to City Fun Run was in progress that morning many thought Anzac Highway would be a problem but everything was OK. The Car of the Day and presented with a plaque was a 1925 Daimler owned by Gavin Rolls. Gavin is known to many V-8 club members and is basically a Street Rod man so to have an award for a beautifully restored original in a great accolade.

We have just returned home from attending the Gawler Club inaugural Veteran and Vintage Barossa Valley Run. What a great day, a grand procession of pre 1931 cars of all makes and models, shapes and sizes, from Model T Ford and Austin 7 to Minerva and Rolls Royce. It finished with all vehicles parked on the Greenock Oval. We then had lunch, but rather late, at the local hotel. Again it would have been great if more members could have attended but thank you to the small but enthusiastic members who did.

A very special thank you to Goran for supplying some breakfast while we watched the cars go by.


Frank & Val's Christmas Run

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 6:35 AM

A very, very hot day greeted the members going to Frank & Val’s Christmas Run. Only Simon turned up with his ’47 Sedan with Marcos and Jenson. Everyone else rocked up in their moderns. After all it was going to be 40 degrees for most of the day. Frank had his Customline in Quinzi’s Confectionery car park where tea, coffee, water and assorted cakes were there for everyone to enjoy for morning tea. Antoinette and Joe (the owners) were there to show us around and we were split into two groups one for Joe to show around the factory and the other to shop and/or sample the various chocolates and sugared almonds. Antoinette had many samples for everyone to taste then purchase then the two groups changed over. Each group was gowned and capped for hygiene purposes and were shown all the machinery and workings that went into making the various confectionery which was very interesting and informative.

From here we all made our way to Modbury to Frank and Val’s home where we were treated to a lovely BBQ lunch.

Graham presented Frank and Val with a lovely gift basket and a bottle of wine on behalf of the club for their hospitality over the past 4 years of putting on this event.

The ladies were given a fancy bucket (either polka dots or daisies) each.

Despite the very hot weather it was a great day and some stayed until 6.00 pm before heading home or to other venues.