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Independence Day Run

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 12:25 AM

Saturday 7th July 2018

Our Independence Day event for 2018 went very well with a good turnout of members and cars.

Meeting at Krispy Kremes was a grand experience and well worth the visit. It was my first time and thinking this is only a doughnut place was far from correct. They do so much else to satisfy thirst and hunger, I was impressed.

Leaving Krispy Kremes we turned the 33 roadster for home in order to get the Hot Dogs and Apple Pies going but our entrants took the organised route and took part in our simple observation run.

A good range of answers were received with the deciding factor being the colour of Macca’s roof. A silly question you might say but depending on where the sun shines it varies from grey to green.

Glenn, Sharon and Ashlee won with all correct answers and a green roof.

A slight downer for the day was Ian and Carol’s ’35 Phaeton being rear ended by a novice P plater. I believe the P plater was told in no uncertain terms the facts of life. Damage was minimal and at the time of writing the repairs have been completed.

A great day with good company and thank you all for coming along.

2018 National Meet Report

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 12:15 AM

Leaving home at around 8.15 am on the Wednesday prior to the weekend of the National Meet we found it necessary to take 2 vehicles due to the amount of National Meet items required to be transported to Renmark. Our first vehicle was our 1933 Ford V-8 Roadster which was making its first long distance run and as we opted for the fitting of an Australian “dickie seat” or should we say American “rumble seat” not a lot of room exists for luggage. In my next life when I restore a Roadster I will opt for the Australian “boot” or American “trunk” option. However the second vehicle was the modern Subaru Impreza with large boot and folding seats was loaded to the hilt.

Arriving at about 12.30 pm we hooked up with Ian and Carol who also arrived with 2 vehicles because of the amount of requirements needed.

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday morning was spent attending to the tasks of assembling goody bags, setting up the registration hall and last minute sorting out of venues, bus transport and all that is necessary for the event’s success.

Our registration hall looked a treat and V-8ers from all over started to appear around 3.00 pm Friday afternoon. Many volunteers from RG 94 also appeared to ease the burden and the whole registration affair went like clockwork.

An early start on Saturday morning for the judging day, the local council had already closed the road for us and banners were hung from the Renmark Hotel/Motel balcony.

The Concours vehicles were in line along the river side of the road with Rouge and Touring cars on the hotel side. A row of trucks were placed in the middle.

The usual judges’ breakfast was held where National Judge McArthur laid down rules for the Meet.

The whole affair looked just great and judging was underway with entrants and the public mingling amongst the vehicles.

The Seidel/Fatchen team surprised all with an interesting display of our beloved sidevalve V-8s. One engine was a Lincoln V-8 fitted with finned alloy heads and dual carburettors mounted on a stand being able to be started and run. All 357 cubic inches of it sounded just great with straight out exhausts. The other was an early pump in head engine with one head removed and running on the four opposing cylinders.

One was able to view the pistons and valves in operation and the workings of the diver’s bell distributor with one cap removed. An amazing sight as at idle, pistons and valves are almost a blur. I was rather amazed how smoothly it ran on four cylinders. Many thanks to Mark and Gary for this surprise.

Around 11 am, V-8 ladies boarded a bus to Rushton Roses for lunch then back to the Renmark Wharf for a paddle steamer trip on the PS Industry. This looked great steaming away with a load of people on board.

A free night for all with our Sunday run the next day.

Sunday saw all driving to Berri for a magnificent Morning Tea. We all arrived after some were pointed in the wrong direction by an unknown traffic marshal at a roundabout who quickly disappeared obviously realising there were more of us than him. Here was also a really nice parking area.

On to Loxton which we were warned that many roads were closed due to a pedal prix being held.

We weren’t inconvenienced by this as Alan & Colleen had mapped out a route around the Pedal Prix track to our lunch destination at the Loxton Bowling Club. It was a magnificent sight along the road to Loxton to witness a never ending line of Ford V-8s winding through the countryside.

After lunch it was a small trip back to the Pioneer Village for a good look around.

As Sunday night is always the much awaited Presentation Dinner, preparations had to be made at The Renmark Club. This occurred and at about 6.30 pm things were underway. Various speeches and presentations were undertaken and good food and drink was enjoyed.

A Youth Cup Award had been organised and six of our younger members aged from 6 to 16 were seconded to judge vehicles via a simple points system. This was handled by Jacqui Tonkin who unfortunately had to leave by bus Sunday afternoon due to work commitments. The winners were Alan & Colleen McDonald with their 1947 Jailbar Light Commercial. The children displayed professionalism and enjoyed what they had achieved. Hopefully it is one small way to encourage the young.

Congratulations to all winners of plaques, trophies, raffle prizes and auction items, it was a great night.

Although we had two days to go, the traditional Farewell Breakfast was held Monday morning.

This was put on by the local car club, The Riverland Vintage & Classic Car Club in a church hall in the local area. Again an excellent breakfast and many thanks to the Riverland people.

The first of our optional two days was a drive to the Cobdogla Pioneer Museum to view the historic displays, the Humphrey Pump and to have rides on the train. This was followed by a light lunch. Things were now more relaxing for us so a pleasant drive back to Renmark and an easy evening with those who were left.

The last day Tuesday saw us at Lock 5 for Morning Tea and as luck would have it a small boat came making use of the Lock facilities for all to see.

We then motored off to Wilkadene and the Woolshed Brewery stopping along the way at a Lookout over the River Murray.

Wilkadene is a lovely picturesque spot and we had a tour of the brewery and s sumptuous lunch. Both morning tea and lunch was provided by the Riverland Anglican Church ladies. Our last night was spent having a meal in the Renmark Hotel with the few that were left.

Wednesday was an uneventful trip home but a great Roadster drive. Our 1933 V-8 Roadster had only minimal miles on the speedo and had only done relatively short trips around Adelaide. It was still in the “hope it’s all OK stage” but it performed faultlessly up to and back home and the whole weekend. It has proved itself and we are happy with the outcome. I was rather surprised at the lively performance but considering the weight of the car it’s not surprising. It was great to catch up with all the interstate V-8ers and to see some vehicles that we haven’t seen before especially our ‘33 Roadster’s little sister, the ’33 4-cylinder from Bordertown.

It was so good also to catch up with Betty & Neil from Wellington, New Zealand.

Many thanks to all who came and we hope you all had a good time.

Thank you also to our Regional Group 94 for the volunteers and assistance.

Hopefully we will do it again in two years???

2018 Rock & Roll Rendezvous

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 12:10 AM

Sunday 8th April 2018

This year’s Rock and Roll Rendezvous was again a grand event held at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood with fantastic weather.

The usual great selection of bands were on hand to supply 50s, 60s and 70s music for listening and/or dancing to.

Many stalls for food and drinks plus retro clothing, accessories and memorabilia were on hand also.

Issy Dye who would be remembered by those of our age put on a magnificent show, emulating Johnny O’Keefe, Roy Orbison and others, but his red suit was a bit over the top.

A good display of vehicles mainly from the 50s onwards which I suppose is what it is all about were on show.

These comprised of the completely original and restored to original and slightly modified and highly modified.

Pre-war cars were very thin on the ground, I believe our 1933 Roadster, the Bay’s 1935 Phaeton and the Harris’ 1937 Sedan to be the only really old cars there.

There were a couple of early Street Rods, but with late engines and running gear I don’t consider them old cars.

However there was a terrific display but I would like to see better vehicles winning the best modified and best original prizes.

I do believe that in the near future a cover will have to be erected over the dance floor as some of the country rock and roll venues have done.

If the weather is warm as it was it was damn hot on the dance floor and if rain is about it can get damn slippery.

Again a great day out and it would be nice to see a few more V-8s there.

Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering Report

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 12:10 AM

Sunday 18th March 2018

Although we did not attend breakfast due to being seconded to marshalling and public address duties a small group gathered at Vili’s for the morning meal.

The Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering looked a little threatened at first with rain looming and a general lack of attendees but around 10 am, the official start time, the heavens cleared and vehicles of all breeds rolled in.

First and foremost at this event are the Veteran and Vintage vehicles displaying many name plates not seen for a good many years and engineering standards not seen for a good many years also.

Vehicles from the early thirties to the eighties were set up behind the early ones and looked great.

Five Ford V-8s from our club attended – they were Alan & Colleen with the truck, Peter and Dawn with the Pilot, Steve and Deb with the 1937 Coupe, Ian and Carol with the 1936 Phaeton and Shirley and myself in the 1933 Roadster.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances of the day we couldn’t park the roadster with the other V-8s however that was of no consequence.

A raffle was held with some lovely prizes donated by Penrite Oils which helps pay for the day.

This is a relaxing day with much to see if you have the old car affliction.

The oldest car on show was 1906. This is one show that costs absolutely nothing, no entry fee and no charge for the general public who can park free within the grounds.

Let’s see a few more V-8ers along next year.

Model A Breakfast Run Report

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 12:05 AM

The usual early start for the Model A Club Breakfast Run gave us a chance to try out our new LED headlamps on the 1933 Roadster and they were excellent.

However we arrived at the Triple C Clubrooms around 7.15 am and after some light hearted discussion with others we left for the mandatory observation run which took us around the local area – down to Brighton Road and through the back blocks of Morphettville and back to Clark Avenue.

We sat at the breakfast table with others of our kind being Peter & Dawn, Brian & Jo and Wayne and Rene.

Simon, Jacqui and boys turned up but whether they were on behalf of the Early Ford V-8 Club or the Model A Ford Club was a mystery.

It was suggested that because they were in the Anglia perhaps they represented the Ford 8 & 10s.

A lovely breakfast as usual finishing with pancakes and the announcement of the observation run winners and raffle winner.

A great morning and again thank you to the Model A Ford Club for this usual great event.

- Graham

Yesterday's Power Rally

Posted on September 15, 2018 at 8:05 PM

Milang 2018

Sunday 21st January was supposed to be the slight cool change after temperatures of 42 plus degrees but at 35° it was still damn hot.

We and 6 others had registered for the Milang event so to make it comfortable for Shirley, myself and the 1939 Mercury we opted for a run through the hills to Milang rather than freeways and hot, main, traffic light infested thoroughfares.

As at Para Hills West we are at the opposite end of the world to Milang we left home at 6.30 am our route taking us through Tea Tree Gully, Inglewood around Chain of Ponds to Cudlee Creek, Lobethal, Woodside, Oakbank, Hahndorf, Mt Barker, Wistow, Strathalbyn and Milang. This is a lovely drive in an old car and at 1 hour 45 mins I thought a good time as well.

Milang Oval was alive with all sorts of historical stuff and we parked across the oval erecting the club’s marquee and we enjoyed the shade and good company.

There is much to see at the Milang Yesterday’s Power Rally. A grand display of stationary engines of all types, there were so many it was quite overwhelming. The standard of restoration on those that required restoration was just magnificent.

One amazing fact was that many were totally original just being pulled from sheds and barns and just “got going”. There were tractors, tractors and tractors, restored, unrestored, big and small, plus a good range of crawlers.

There were trucks of all ages large and small and the display of cars from 1915 to 1981 was most interesting.

To top it off a tractor pull was held lasting most of the day. Having not witnessed this spectacle before I found it very interesting indeed.

As well as all that a shuttle bus was available for those wishing to look at the Museum at the old Milang railway station or go for a lake cruise on the Oscar W.

As the Mercury has been on the road for 20 years now I was surprised that it won its class amongst some very beautiful cars of more recent restoration. Mark Seidel’s truck with Gary’s Fordson tractor on its back also won the category of Club Display Trucks.

An enjoyable trip via the same route home arriving about 5.45 pm.

A great day and thanks to all those involved.

What you can find under the bonnet of a Model A

Frank & Val's Xmas Run Report

Posted on September 15, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Saturday 2nd December 2017

A small group met at the Tea Tree Gully Hotel Car Park from 9.30 am for a 10.00 am start on a very cool day, all rugged up.

Frank and Val sent us off and we travelled to the Kersbrook Hill Wine & Cider Winery. Here we had tea, coffee and a lovely muffin which warmed everyone up.

Then we had a tour through the winery which was very interesting.

We never got to the cherry farm as the tour was so interesting with many questions asked and answered that we left the winery and headed on to Frank and Val’s home for a BBQ lunch.

The sun finally came out during the afternoon but a great time was had by all. The boys received a Ford cap and the girls received a special Christmas cracker with a lovely Christmas mat inside the cracker and Graham gave Frank and Val some thank you gifts.

Around 5.30 pm everyone left for home after a great relaxing afternoon.

Thank you for a lovely run Frank and Val and they have already decided to do the run again next year when they have decided where to go!

BBQ and Beans Report

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 1:45 AM

Sunday October 15th 2017

People starting arriving at Gary’s home around 11.30 am for a BBQ lunch.

It was a perfect spring day for an event like this.

After lunch Jim arrived in his 1923 Bean 14 a typical English middle class car of the period, 14 hp 4 cylinder and 4 speed gearbox, it is the oldest Bean 14 in the world.

Jim Thompson is a Vintage car enthusiast who after a lifetime as a bank clerk knowing absolutely nothing about motor cars and mechanical devices decided to restore a vintage car as a retirement project.

He purchased a trailer load of rusty parts from the country, purchased Arc and Oxy Acetylene equipment, a lathe, spray painting equipment and all tools, then went to school to learn how to use them.

The results he achieved are just amazing all work except the radiator done by him and the only part to let him down on its maiden voyage in 1988 was the radiator.

After a slight hiccup with the projector we all sat down to an hour of interesting talk complete with slides as Jim spoke of his perils and tribulations with restoring his Bean.

After his talk Graham presented Jim with a small gift with thanks for coming and doing this talk.

Around 20 members showed up that afternoon and all seemed to enjoy the talk and the afternoon.

Thanks go to Gary and Anne for having us all at their place.

2017 Annual Run - Celebrating 40 years of the SA RG#94

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 1:45 AM

Although the club was formed in July 1977 it was decided to celebrate the arrival of the Charter which was 9th October 1977 by an Annual Run to Clare.

Wayne and Rene offered to organise this event with the help of Chris and Gail and Grant and Rosie.

Most of us travelled to Clare at various times on Friday Oct 6th ready to meet for a BYO BBQ. Maureen & Neville and Simon and Jacqui and the boys had travelled to Clare a few days earlier so they were already set up for the weekend. It was great to see new members Marlene & Wayne with their interesting 1933 4 cylinder Roadster.

Wayne and Rene got the troops together for a special meeting to present Marcos, Casey, Ashlee and Jenson a bag of goodies each and an update of things to come.

BBQ dinner was started and with salads to share all enjoyed a lovely evening before settling in for the night.

Saturday saw many go to Graham Goode’s Restoration Shop for a look at his work on the vehicles there and a video of a bus that had been restored only to be damaged by a B double and was back in the workshop. Most interesting was the different vehicles in various stages of restoration and the work that was being done. Also the backyard of relics was of much interest to most.

Most of the ladies went into town and looked at the shops and the market before everyone met up together for lunch. The afternoon was free. We went off to a winery with Wayne & Rene and Chris & Gail who had been there before and what a lovely place with a lovely scenic view.

Dinner was everyone doing their own thing. Many of us opted for another BBQ as we had salads left over from the night before.

The Caravan Park had a wine tasting evening together with food, wines, coffee and a band which entertained everyone in the park until around 9.30 pm.

Sunday. The run did not start until 11 am so it was a lazy morning before setting off to Crystal Brook for lunch, a terrific drive with a never ending line of club cars. Rene had organised a running board lunch in a park by a railway line.

The reason for this was that Wayne and Rene knew there would be two freight trains coming along when we would be there. This was mainly for the children but was enjoyed by Ian, Graham, Simon and others. Around 2.30 pm we set off back to the caravan park with some going back one way and others going back another. We opted for a run to Koolunga where we stopped to cool the cars and cool ourselves being a hot afternoon.

A great little town with an ancient pub but as with so many SA country towns there doesn’t appear to be much on the horizon for the future.

The evening was the special dinner to celebrate the 40 years and Wayne and Rene and Chris and Gail had spent the morning decorating the old Blyth Hospital with balloons, etc. The theme for the evening was Country and Western. They got the waitresses to pick the one they thought most dressed and they picked Carol as they had said “She was picked because they would never be seen in public dressed like she was.”

Dinner was a lamb roast with vegetables and salad followed by a celebration cake with blue icing which had been cut by our two longest serving members Trevor and Eric.

Grant had been doing a fundraiser over the weekend with the winners being Ashlee, Judy and Val.

Everyone was presented with a celebration bottle of Port or a bag of cookies which were given out by the children.

Graham presented Wayne and Rene with a thank you gift for organising everything for the weekend.

Soon it was all over and it was back to the caravan park for the night. Some of us stayed up until late just enjoying the company.

Monday saw us packing up to leave. Some travelled straight for home while a lot of us went home via Balaklava to Gordon and Gill’s home for a look in sheds and morning tea.

Gordon’s sheds are of different nature to the usual and most interesting with a never ending collection of badges and plaques.

Then with farewells done we all went our own way home.

Many thanks must go to Wayne and Rene and their band of helpers for a great and relaxing weekend.

Independence Day Lunch

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 1:40 AM

Saturday July 1st 2017

A small band of members arrived at Joe and Beverley’s holiday home for this year’s Independence Day lunch. The weather was a perfect winter’s day to celebrate. The area was decked out in American flags, pictures and other red, white and blue items.

We started with pumpkin soup which is always a favourite. On the table were lollies in glasses, blue coconut ruff balls, white milk bottles and red raspberries which disappeared quite quickly. Hamburgers, sausages and corn fritters together with salads were next. By then everyone was full so dessert was left for a couple of hours.

After a lot of chit chat a laptop was brought out and Mike showed us all his Streamliner run at this year’s Salt Races that were held earlier this year.

Now it was time for dessert which was brownies made by Ann with cream and ice cream which really filled us all up.

Soon the weather was cooling down and getting towards evening so most left to return home while four of us stayed over until the next day.

Joe and Beverley have enjoyed organising the lunch for the past 3 years and welcoming members into their holiday home. They have decided it is time for a change to this event and maybe in the future do it again.

Thanks to Joe and Beverley for organising this event from everyone.

The Old Car Day or Drive It Day on the 1st September was quite a grand affair all over South Australia.

I believe there were many runs organised by historic car clubs and individuals all over.

We attended the run to Bethany which was organised by the Gawler Club and we had a lovely time. I would say there were about 200 vehicles of various breeds in attendance and our club was represented by Ian and Carol, Alan and Colleen, Don and Colleen, Rob Denholm and Gary Hallett. On display and giving rides was a replica of a 1896 Ford Quadricycle and a very exact replica it was.

A large group of members met in the Tea Tree Gully Hotel Car Park and travelled a short distance to the home of Dale & Kylie where the guys visited Dale’s sheds whilst the ladies had a cup of tea or coffee and a cake or biscuit or two. Dale has many early Falcons in various stages of repairs.

From there we left and travelled to Simon & Jacqui’s home for a leisurely afternoon and BBQ lunch. Here there was a Model A, a 47 Ford Deluxe, a Ford Prefect (the Harry Potter kind) and a 1935 Ford well under restoration.

After lunch it was time to relax and enjoy the afternoon despite it being a bit cold but at least it didn’t rain.

The dog was present to give some exercise to those who wanted to throw the ball to her.

This run also was the first club run for the roadster.